Giving rent of house is the main problem of tenant


For protecting from Covid-19 outbreak, Bangladesh has taken holiday and lockdown measures as like other countries. People stay at home for avoiding infection of covid-19 or corona. In this circumstances people who have low or medium income have fallen in trouble for not doing work.All financial activities have gone standstill position over lockdown in whole Bangladesh from protecting infection of corona. So these people have requested Government of Bangladesh exempt all rent of houses , utility bill from April to next three months during this outbreak.

Many people have told that they become jobless for the reason of all type of factories or business are closed .They have not sufficient money for feeding their families. They are living with anxiety for their professional life over not improving symptoms and situation of covid-19. Low incoming people’s financial condition is now worsest condition for losing their jobs during this outbreak. Specially rickshaw pullers, day labourers, labourers of public transport, workers of hotel, restaurant and market are now most vulnerable people for recent pandemic.

One shopkeeper of Islampur named Bidhyut Chakrabarty has told he live in a small house as a tenant with his family .The monthly rent of this house eight thousand taka. He again says,” I earned five hundred or six hundred taka everyday in a normal time. But I have not any income since last 26th March after the holiday declaration of Government. I am feeding my children enduring hard pain.On the other hand House owner is giving pressure for house rent. I don’t know how will i can manage house rent? How will I can buy foods for my family?

The students of Universities ,among of them who are managed their household affairs giving tuition other students they have fallen a great trouble now.Lack of all residential facilities in different halls many students are compelled living outside from many Universities. They rent houses .

One D.U .student Palash has told, he has come from poor family. he gives five thousand taka as monthly rent of house. He lost his tuition for lockdown.

Lawyer of Supreme Court Julfiqar Ali Junu has appealed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for declaring executive order on house owners through Cabinet Secretary of Ministry
by email last 17th May.

This appeal has being described Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ,you are the guardian of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh now live in extreme crisis situation in covid-19 outbreak .

According to the survey of Bangladesh Power of Labour 2017 about 44 percentage houses in urban areas have being given rent .

According the data of Bureaue of Bangladesh Statistic 17.25 percentages of cost from total monthly costs is being expended . Five percentage cost is added as utility cost with total monthly costs .So one fourth (Quater ) income of a family spent up for house rent from total monthly spending. In this crisis moment how will they provide rent money where they do not collect foods rightly for feeding children!

One fish seller Shahalom says , I pulled rickshaw before covid-19 outbreak. I become jobless now for this pandemic .I sell fishes walking in the streets lack of foods. In this circumstances it is so difficult providing house rent for poor people like me .If Government would have exempted all house rent of tenant like me we would be living peacefully.

On the other hand middle class people have been enduring a great financial trouble to maintain household affairs for a long time holiday and lockdown during this outbreak. Many middle class gentlemen in the society are being insulted every day for paying money of house rent by house owners.

One cruel house owner set fire on the body of a tenant woman who had not money for paying house rent during corona pandemic. Another cruel house owner casted away one
Poor tenant at nightingale the street who had not sufficient money for paying house rent .
When Bangladesh will be get rid from covid-19 outbreak only Allah knows.

Many people have urged to the Government for exempting house rent through using social Media. They have demanded to the Prime Minister for considering exempt house rent through using Facebook posting.

We are the middle class people who can’t say about own misery and proverty for the fear of public disrepute.
So the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina , we beg for your executive order as a Chief of Ministers and the main parent of Bangladesh for exempting house rent sixty percent of total house rent since April month of general people . We appeal your kind attention during this devastating outbreak time.